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5 Questions To Ask Potential Concrete Lifting Contractors in Houston

We live in a day and age where due diligence is a must, but researching the right solutions or questions to ask can be a chore on its own. When you are experiencing settled concrete, there are several options for lifting  and a mixture of concrete lifting contractors who could potentially do the work, but how do you pick the right one? Here is a brief summary on questions you can ask to help you get the right contractor lifting contractor for the job. 

Houston Slab Concrete Lifting Contractor1. What is the concrete lifting contractor’s experience?

Especially in Houston, experience is an important qualification, and the more complex the project the more relevant experience the concrete lifting contractor should have. For instance, lifting a sidewalk requires skill and know-how, and you certainly want to be sure the contractor has the credentials and experience to be able to perform the task. In the case of lifting a footer or a slab inside your home, you will want to make sure the contractor has the resume to perform the task. The heavier the load or more sensitive the slab, the more reliable and experience the concrete lifting contractor should be. So ask them about their years in business, their experience in similar projects, and feel free to ask them for references.

2. Is the Concrete Lifting Contractor Licensed and Insured?

Each state has its own rules and requirements for concrete lifting contractors to perform work. You will want to make sure they meet all of these requirements. You also need to make sure they are financially insured to handle any damage or personal injury that happens on the project.  If someone gets hurt on your property, the contractor needs to be able to cover it.  If the contractor causes damage to your foundation or slab, their insurance needs to be able to repair it. On this point, make sure you and the company document before and after images to make sure everything is as expected.

3. How long will the concrete lifting project take?

Time is always important when thinking of which concrete lifting contractor you should hire.   When can the contractor start the project? How long will the project take from start to finish? Depending on the solution, whether piering, or polyurethane foam jacking, or mudjacking, the project is going to take a range of time based on complexity, setup, application, and clean-up. For instance, polyurethane foam jacking tends to be a much faster process from beginning to finish because it is a cleaner, less intrusive solution. If time is a factor for you, then be aware of the time it is going to take.

4. Is the contractor offering the correct concrete lifting solution?

There are a variety of lifting solutions out there and no single application is a silver bullet. Be sure to question the concrete lifting contractor on their solution and why they believe it is the correct answer.  You want to make sure the contractor isn’t selling fairy dust or their solution isn’t overkill.  For instance, if a contractor is suggesting the use of foundation piers for a driveway slab, then it is probably too much for what you need (unless you have one serious driveway!) If the contractor is saying they can lift your entire home with polyurethane, the settlement is likely only slight or they are overselling their services.  In either case, make sure the contractor knows what they are talking about and question multiple contractors so you can get a gauge on what the right solution is.  If in doubt, you may consider consulting with an engineer just to make sure.

5.What is the concrete lifting cost?

You may think that cost should be number one on this list, and it maybe should be, but it is really important to make sure the concrete lifting contractor knows what they are doing, are properly licensed and insured, are offering the right solution, and they meet the needs of your project.  These factors all balance the cost of the project and help make sure you know what you are getting into and the extra costs (time, headaches, expectations) are understood or recognized ahead of time.  However, when reviewing the contractors’ proposals, make sure the costs are accounted for in the agreement.  These costs should include all labor, materials, mobilization, and additional costs.  Sometimes it is understandable for the project costs to increase based on unknown factors of the project, such as void size or presence underneath the slab or structure, but those costs are very situation dependent and you should use your best judgement in determining if appropriate.

In Conclusion

We hope this article helps you in your decision making process.  Finding the right concrete lifting contractor is important and at the end of the day it will get your concrete slab realigned and up to snuff.  So good luck and if you need help, Get a Free Consultation!

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