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Plumbing Inspection Cast Iron Pipes

Preventing Home Foundation Issues with Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing inspections are a checklist of actions performed by certified plumbers and can be as simple as visually inspecting your drains, valves, exposed pipes, and appliances, to in-depth inspections using cameras attached to a flexible rod that are inserted into the pipes.

Clogged drains
Plumbing and Sewer

8 Ways to Clear a Clogged Drain and What to Do If It Doesn’t Work

If you are here, you must have a clogged drain, right? Or maybe you are an avid learner of DIY skills. Either way, you have …

Trip Hazards
Concrete Foam Jacking

Trip Hazard Mitigation with Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Trip hazards are a serious safety issue for neighborhoods and businesses. They can cause people to fall and injure themselves or drop and break precious …

Slab Leveling
Concrete Foam Jacking

Top 5 Customer Questions About Slab Leveling

Just like with any construction project, customers are going to have several questions to help them understand how their project is going to go and …

Houston Foundation Push Piering Void Fill
Concrete Foam Jacking

Concrete Lifting vs Piering for Foundation Repair

When dealing with a foundation lifting repair there are many available options and researching the best solution can be head spinning. Because of this, we …

Houston Foundation Interior Slab Lift

5 Questions To Ask Potential Concrete Lifting Contractors in Houston

Here is a brief summary on questions you can ask to help you get the right contractor lifting contractor in Houston.

Concrete Foam Jacking

Concrete Raising with Polyurethane Foam Jacking

You’ve probably stumbled across uneven concrete slabs in your neighborhood. This is a common problem, especially if the concrete slabs are placed over soft ground.

Concrete Leveling with Polyurethane

How Long Does Concrete Lifting with Foamjacking Last?

When you make an investment in something it’s reasonable to ask, “how long is this going to last me?” We get asked all the time, “How Long does Concrete Lifting with Polyurethane Foam Jacking Last?” quite often and the answer is

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