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Foundation Issues? Signs to Look Out For

There are a few key symptoms that can be attributed to potentially serious and costly foundation issues. Have you noticed cracks in your walls, uneven floors, or jamming doors and windows? These are some of the most common symptoms that point to foundation settlement or similar problems, but there are other warning signs to keep an eye out for as well. 

Sagging or Warped Floors

While this symptom can be caused by several factors such as excess moisture beneath the floor or poor structural design and construction, it’s also a common indicator of soil settlement. Soil settlement beneath your concrete foundation occurs naturally over time and can cause it to sink, which creates a lot of problems for your home, including floors that sag, crack, or warp. 

Wall Separation

This symptom can be particularly alarming, as it’s a clear indication that something may be structurally wrong with your home. If you’ve noticed gaps between the base of your walls and flooring, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with a contractor to diagnose the root cause. 

Exterior Cracking in Exterior Walls or Brickwork

You may notice cracks in your exterior walls or separation of bricks on your property in a variety of places; exterior walls, steps, chimneys, or other brick structures that are attached to your home. Cracks here are indicative of a sinking or otherwise damaged foundation and like many of the other symptoms discussed, can lead to other problems such as water or pest infiltration. 

Jamming Doors or Windows

Foundation settlement can cause window and door frames to become cockeyed or twisted resulting in the doors or windows becoming difficult to open. So, if you are continually having to rebalance your doors, or your windows become progressively more difficult to close, you might have foundation issues.

If any of these symptoms are present in your home and you are concerned about a possible foundation issue, don’t delay! Waiting to repair these issues could mean spending thousands more down the line for more significant remedies. Polyurethane injection is an effective, affordable solution for many of the symptoms featured in this article. Contact Precision Foundation Service today to schedule a consultation. 

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