Steel Foundation Piering

When shallow soils aren’t strong enough to support your property, foundation piering may be the answer to getting your property back on solid footing.

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Houston Steel Foundation Piering

Foundation repair via foundation piering is an excellent way to lift, level, and stabilize your property against settlement and future damage. PFS uses steel structural piers to reach deep stable soils, such as bedrock, to provide consistent and reliable results. 

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Benefits of Foundation Piering

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Foundation Repair Services

We offer comprehensive foundation repair services to ensure you get the repair you need for the unique situation of your foundation issues. This helps ensure long-term reliability at the most optimal cost.
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Are you Experiencing

Sheetrock Cracks
Brick Cracks
Door Misalignment
Sloping Floors
Trim Separation
Window Frame Separation
Expansion Joint Separation
Slab Cracks
Tile Cracks
Wood Floor Buckling
Baseboard Separation

Conditions that Cause Foundation Instability

There are a variety of issues which cause foundations to become unstable and begin to sink or settle. For each issue, we offer preventative maintenance to help you avoid more costly foundation issues later.  Our preventative maintenance services include:
  • Root Barriers
  • Storm Drains
  • Retaining Walls
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Polyurethane Injection for Stabilizing Soils
Trees and their root systems can cause extensive damage to foundation slabs. The root systems lift and crack slabs, they can absorb water away from the soils and cause the soil to retract, or they can rot away and leave voids that result in foundation settlement.
Plumbing Leaks
Plumbing leaks can result in severe soil loss which greatly impacts foundation soils. This may lead to sinkhole effects and/or foundation cracking and settlement.
Soil Erosion /
Slope Failure
Heavy rain events can lead to soil erosion and slope failure. The further the soils are degraded, the greater the possibility that foundation soil loss may happen.
Improper Grading
Improperly graded slopes or foundation soils can cause soil loss or foundation settlement.
Drought Conditions
When soils dry out, they may retract and become brittle. The loss of soil integrity may lead to soil subsidence and foundation settlement.
Improper Drainage
Improper drainage and ponding water may cause soil saturation and expansion. additionally it may make soils migrate to unwanted zones.
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Houston Foundation Repair Services


Texas has soil conditions that vary from property to property and the correct foundation repair approach may differ based on what the soil gives you.  We pride ourselves on meticulously examining your property’s soil conditions  and designing a solution that guarantees the long-term results that you expect. 

Waiting can be Costly!

With Foundation Issues, the earlier the better!

It is always best to address foundation issues as early as possible.  The more damage to your slabs, the more susceptible your home is to exponentially increased damage.  This is why we offer Free Consultations to help you assess the extent of your damage. 

We help you make a plan fast!

Why PFS?

Precision Foundation Services is family owned and operated since 1972.  Our customers enjoy personalized service, guaranteed work and competitive pricing that have made us the foundation repair contractor of choice for over 40 years.

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