Sewer Joint Sealing

Lateral Lines, Culverts, Manholes, and other sewer infrastructure are highly susceptible to joint separation and settlement. Polyurethane chemical grout injection is a highly effective solution for sewer joint sealing.

Houston Joint Sealing Polyurethane

Sewer Joint Sealing with Chemical Grout

Sealing leaking joints for sewer infrastructure is a fast and effective process when using polyurethane chemical grout. The process reduces the need for excavation and downtime while improving soil compaction, filling voids, and sealing the joints in a single application.

Benefits of Sewer Joint Sealing Service

Houston Joint Sealing Polyurethane

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Services

Polyurethane injection is a highly adaptable solution for rehabilitating and extending the useful life of infrastructure assets.
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Why Use Chemical Grout for Joint Sealing?

Polyurethane chemical grout is a fast and effective process for culvert repair and rehabilitation. When chemical grout is injected into the soil, it initially moves in liquid form, actively finding voids and gaps in and around the culvert, lateral line, or manhole.  After it reacts, the chemical grout expands throughout the soil media, compacting and bonding the soil while sealing the joint against further infiltration.

Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane injection is a fast and effective method for lifting and leveling concrete slabs, filling voids, and soil densification.  Applications range from residential slab lifting and foundation repair to commercial soil densification and slab lifting to infrastructure services such as lateral line joint sealing, dam stabilization, and roadway leveling.

Minimally Invasive
Polyurethane injection is injected through a 5/8" hole (smaller than a nickel) that is drilled through the slab. There is no excavation required and the polyurethanes cure within 25 minutes.
Polyurethane Injection can be used for a variety of applications, such as slab lifting and leveling, soil densification and bonding, void filling, and leak sealing.
Soil Densification
Polyurethane injection helps stabilize, compact, and bond loose soils to provide better support for foundations and stops soil loss.
Environmentally Inert
Our polyurethanes are environmentally Inert and do not leach chemicals into groundwater or the environment.
Void Filling
Polyurethane is an excellent solution for filling voids and reestablishing soil contact with the foundation. This is why we use it along with our piering services.
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Soil Compaction with Polyurethane

Polyurethane chemical grout is an excellent in-situ solution for densifying and binding loose and unconsolidated soils.  It works in the following stages:

  1. The polyurethane initially saturates the voids and loose soils in a liquid form.
  2. The polyurethane expands throughout the voids and binds and compacts the soil together.
  3. The voids and soils are now locked together in a dense matrix of soil and polyurethane.
Soil Compaction with chemical grout

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