Interior Footer Lifting

Interior footers are a challenge to repair, they are difficult to access without digging up the slab. With polyurethane foam jacking, we can lift, level, and realign interior footers quickly and without excavation.

Houston Interior Footer Lifting and Leveling

Interior Footer Lifting

We lift, level, and realign interior footers quickly and cost-effectively using a polyurethane foam jacking process. With foam jacking, we inject a high-density expansive polyurethane which compacts support soils, fills voids, and reestablishes soil load bearing capacity back into the soil. The polyurethane also provides lifting through expansive pressure.

Benefits of The Service

Polyurethane Foam Jacking

Polyurethane Foam Jacking is a fast and effective method for lifting and leveling concrete slabs, filling voids, and soil densification.  Applications range from residential slab lifting and foundation repair to commercial soil densification and slab lifting to infrastructure services such as lateral line joint sealing, dam stabilization, and roadway leveling.

Minimally Invasive
Polyurethane injection is injected through a 5/8" hole (smaller than a nickel) that is drilled through the slab. There is no excavation required and the polyurethanes cure within 25 minutes.
Polyurethane Injection can be used for a variety of applications, such as slab lifting and leveling, soil densification and bonding, void filling, and leak sealing.
Soil Densification
Polyurethane injection helps stabilize, compact, and bond loose soils to provide better support for foundations and stops soil loss.
Environmentally Inert
Our polyurethanes are environmentally Inert and do not leach chemicals into groundwater or the environment.
Void Filling
Polyurethane is an excellent solution for filling voids and reestablishing soil contact with the foundation. This is why we use it along with our piering services.
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Concrete Raising Services

Concrete raising with polyurethane injection  is a highly adaptable application. Here are a few services we offer, but if needs to be lifted, we can get it done!
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Are you Experiencing

Sheetrock Cracks
Brick Cracks
Door Misalignment
Sloping Floors
Trim Separation
Window Frame Separation
Expansion Joint Separation
Slab Cracks
Tile Cracks
Wood Floor Buckling
Baseboard Separation

Then You 
Might Have a Foundation Issue

Waiting can be Costly!

With Foundation Issues, the earlier the better!

It is always best to address foundation issues as early as possible.  The more damage to your slabs, the more susceptible your home is to exponentially increased damage.  This is why we offer Free Consultations to help you assess the extent of your damage. 

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