Sewer Inspections

Our underground sewer inspections help home and building owners to determine the condition of their plumbing and whether it is causing foundation issues. 

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Houston

Plumbing Inspection Services

Our plumbing inspection service is designed to give building owners an understanding of the condition of their underground sewer systems and how, if damaged, it may be affecting their foundation. Beyond inspection we offer replacement and repair as well as comprehensive foundation repair services. Problems that can be found by our inspections include:
  • Leaks below the slab
  • Breaks under slab or in exterior line
  • Line Separations
  • Tree Roots in Line
  • Bellies or Lines not draining properly
  • Grease Buildup
  • Construction Debris in Lines
  • Collapsed or Deteriorated Cast Iron Lines
  • Why You Might Need a Sewer Inspection

    Underground Plumbing Services

    We help address sewer related foundation issues as part of our comprehensive foundation repair services.
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    Are you Experiencing

    Sheetrock Cracks
    Brick Cracks
    Door Misalignment
    Sloping Floors
    Trim Separation
    Window Frame Separation
    Expansion Joint Separation
    Slab Cracks
    Tile Cracks
    Wood Floor Buckling
    Baseboard Separation

    Real Estate Sewer Inspections

    We understand that purchasing a property can be a stressful event and a buyer should be confident in the integrity of the property they are buying.  This is why we provide real estate sewer inspections to give buyers confidence.  Our real sewer inspections include the following:

    • Hydrostatic Testing (with signed permission form)
    • Camera Inspection (photos and videos of inspection will be given to both purchaser and seller)
    • Scale drawing of home or building with first floor plumbing fixtures, approximate line locations, types of lines that exist, and locations of any problems that may exist.
    • Written detailed report including hydrostatic test results, description of system, types of lines that exist, description of under slab and exterior main results, and repair or maintenance recommendations if needed.

    Waiting can be Costly!

    With Foundation Issues, the earlier the better!

    It is always best to address foundation issues as early as possible.  The more damage to your slabs, the more susceptible your home is to exponentially increased damage.  This is why we offer Free Consultations to help you assess the extent of your damage. 

    We help you make a plan fast!

    Why PFS?

    Precision Foundation Services is family owned and operated since 1972.  Our customers enjoy personalized service, guaranteed work and competitive pricing that have made us the foundation repair contractor of choice for over 40 years.

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