Trip Hazards

Trip Hazard Mitigation with Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

Trip hazards are a serious safety issue for neighborhoods and businesses. They can cause people to fall and injure themselves or drop and break precious goods. Avoiding and repairing trip hazards is perhaps one of the most valuable uses of Polyurethane injection foam concrete lifting.  

Trip hazards come in many forms. Foundation slabs, sidewalks, or even floors can cause areas where tripping can become a significant risk.  These walking surfaces pose a potentially costly risk to personal safety and could become a major concern for businesses, HOA’s, or homeowners. If neglected, trip hazards could cost thousands of dollars in legal fees and fines.  

A cost-effective and minimally invasive solution for these issues is polyurethane concrete lifting. Polyurethane concrete lifting involves injecting a geotechnical polyurethane foam material into the soil underneath a concrete slab. Slabs can sink over time because their soil erodes or otherwise degrades. Once injected beneath the slab, the polyurethane quickly fills all available voids underneath the slab. It then compacts the compromised soil.  Once the soil is adequately compacted, the polyurethane will begin to lift the slab until it is level once again.  

Lifting concrete slabs with polyurethane is a quick and efficient solution that can save you from the consequences that arise from injuries due to neglected trip hazards. Contact Precision Foundation Service today to schedule a maintenance consultation for hazardous areas of concrete around your property. 

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