West University Place Foundation Repair

We have been serving West University Place, TX for nearly 50 years, providing the most comprehensive and reliable foundation repair services in the area.  Our knowledge of West University Place’s unique soils, foundation types, and local development history make us the local contractor of choice.
Western University Place TX Foundation Repair Contractor

West University Place, TX Foundation Repair since 1972

Expert Care. Personalized Service. Amazing Results.

When looking for a foundation contractor in West University Place, TX, it’s important to know you are working with someone you can trust. We at Precision Foundation Services provide the most reliable foundation repair services in the entire West University Place, TX area.

  • We do this by offering comprehensive foundation repair services
  • Provide due diligence on foundation evaluations and plumbing inspections
  • All foundation repairs performed by PFS include a 3rd-party engineers plan review and stamped completion letter.
  • Our work is backed by a long-term service agreement and a transferable warranty
  • Ensure permitting and local regulations are followed, and
  • We are fully licensed and insured with Workers Compensation and General Liability.

We have over 50 years of foundation repair expertise and an impeccable reputation.  Our goal is to make your project as seamless and headache-free as possible.

West University Place, TX Foundation RepairFoundation Repair in the West University Place, TX area since 1972!

Working with a company with 50 years of repairing foundation issues gives you advantages that no other contractor can provide.  We know the West University Place, TX area and know how to handle the soils, foundation types, and an foundation issues your home may be experiencing.

Our experience has helped us understand local permitting, License and insurance requirements, and helped us develop a comprehensive suite of foundation repair services to combat any foundation issue you might experience.

Having a reliable West University Place, TX foundation repair contractor cannot be overstated.

We offer our customers unmatched experience of 50 years, comprehensive in-house services and expertise, peace of mind that all permits and financial insurance are in place, and a repair process that is professional and efficient.

All work performed by PFS has a service agreement included. Slab repairs have a available lifetime Service agreement. Pier and Beam repairs have service agreement that range from 1-10 years. All warranties are transferable to subsequent home owners and it is FREE to transfer.

On every job we want to make sure our customers and employees are protected!

We are a licensed and insured contractor within the State of Texas. We are fully insured with General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.

Master Plumbing License #39911

Regulated by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
919 East 41st Street, P.O. Box 4200,
Austin, TX 78765, (512) 458-2145

Our comprehensive suite of foundation repair solutions provide West University Place, TX residents with the most versatile contractor in the area.

We offer multiple repairs options. Concrete Pilings, Bell bottom piers, Steel Piers, Helical Piles and Polyurethane Injections. The type of soil and construction of the building on each individual project dictates what repair method we use.  A company with only one repair solution cannot offer a quality repair for every project.

For a foundation repair to be successful, due diligence is a must!

All foundation repairs performed by PFS include a 3rd-party engineers plan review and stamped completion letter. This ensures the proper methods for repairs are chosen and correctly implemented in the field for a successful and long-lasting repair.

We help get your West University Place, TX home repaired every step of the way!

Foundation Evaluations

Warrantied Work

Licensed and Insured


Need Foundation Repair in West University Place, TX?

Why it's Important to have Comprehensive Foundation Repair Services Contractor

No foundation repair solution is a silver bullet. Each home’s foundation issues should be evaluated on a home-by-home basis and the solution should be designed with both longevity and cost-effectiveness in mind.  This is why we offer the most comprehensive offerings of foundation repair services so we can design a repair that meets the specific needs of your project.  No more, no less!

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Helical Piles
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The more informed you are, the better prepared you'll be!

We love our customers to be fully informed on what is happening with their home foundation issues, the recommended solutions, and what the process requires.  The fact is, the more our customers know the more confident we are that they will choose us.  So check out our blogs and service pages to learn more about the West University Place, TX foundation repair solutions that meet your needs.

Waiting can be Costly!

With Foundation Issues, the Earlier the Better!

It is always best to address your West University Place, TX foundation issues as early as possible.  The longer damage to your slabs stays, the more susceptible your home is to exponentially increased damage.  This is why we offer Free Consultations to help you assess the extent of your damage. 

We help you make a plan fast!

Why PFS?

Precision Foundation Services is family owned and operated and has been in business since 1972.  Our customers enjoy personalized service, guaranteed work and competitive pricing that have made us the foundation repair contractor of choice for over 40 years.

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